Starting new, destroying the old, recreating our lives is both liberating and painful.

It is painful because we are often attached to how our life is, to the status quo, to the comfort of knowing what we can expect.

It is liberating because we now have a clean slate, a blank canvas on which to create something completely different from what we had before. There are no restrictions, and no guidelines as well.

It is thrilling to begin anew and be limited only by our own imagination. It can also be scary as it is the most uncertain, unknown place to be.

Once the first line is drawn, once we take the first step, we can feel relief. The blankness of the empty canvas can feel daunting and overwhelming. The surest way to get past those stifling feeling is to just take action, do something, create the first little piece.

When we begin, taking that first step, the second step comes easier. As does the third, the fourth, and then we are in the flow. What we once feared dissolves and transforms into the excitement of creation in process.

Every day is an opportunity to see your life as a blank slate. An opportunity to destroy your life and re-create it in any form you desire.

So what do you desire now? What possibilities are you looking to bring into your life?


Nothing is created alone.

We all create our lives in community. It might be a small community or a large community, regardless we create life together.

We create not just by the actions we take or the conversations we have. We create by the things we allow and the experiences we witness.

We create by using our imagination, and we create by using our words.

We create by using our energy, our emotion, our intentions.

Yes, we create it all. The good, the bad and the unwanted. If it is in our life, we created it somehow, someway.

Yet, we did not create it alone, by ourselves, isolated from others. We create it with those around us, with those who contribute their energies and their intentions.

Even if they say they did not want this thing that has been created, without their focus, without their allowing, it would and could not have been created.

The good news? Since we’ve created all this together, together we can create something different. Together, we can create even more, even better, even brighter futures.

When we create together intentionally, consciously, and with a higher awareness, we create new magic and new beauty.

The gift of life to us is this amazing ability to create. What will you create with your community?


Some people have big dreams.

Some people have moderate dreams.

Some people just dream of have a roof over their heads and food in their stomach.

Some people have no dreams at all…

Yet we all do dream, sometime, somewhere, sometimes snuck away in little corners of our psyches, there are those moments, those flashes of hope and light that just begs for tiniest of encouragement.

Often, people feel that they are seeking clarity. more often, it seems, we are all just seeking the courage to dare to dream the dreams we fear are impossible, beyond us, and just plain ludicrous.

Courage, real courage, is believing in something even when it seems absurd. The courage to believe in ourselves, when by all outward appearances there is nothing to stand on, is the greatest effort we can make to change our lives.

Dreams make life not only bearable, dreams make life amazing. To conceive of new worlds, new ideas, new stories, and new ways of evolving, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and the world around us.

Do not just dare to dream, live to dream!


Knowing ourselves is much more difficult than we think.

Mostly because we believe our own stories about ourselves, how we are better then we really are, how we are more pure than we really are, how we are more comfortable with ourselves than we really are.

And that’s how other people get to us.

Those that are good at manipulation, at reading people, at using our own faults against us, are able to do so only because we believe our own lies.

When we come clean with ourselves, when we are truly honest about who we are and how we operate, only then we can see past other’s lies.

There is great power in knowing ourselves. Indeed, it is the key to great freedom. It is also the key to seeing people as they truly are, not how we would like them to be.

Once we do that, we can then be truly more compassionate to both ourselves and others…


We look to live lives of meaning, we seek the profound in everyday life.

We desire for there to be something greater that we are a part of, something more than just life. It is as if we look for some deeper, hidden truth to justify our existence.

Why is it that we seek to create a greater meaning from just living our lives?

Why is just living life for the mere sake of it enough?

This is not to assume that there is not some higher truth or greater path we follow, it is only to question why can’t we just enjoy life as it is, and wait to see the deeper meaning revealed with time?

Is it so wrong to just enjoy life for its own sake? To revel in the beauty of nature for the sheer joy of it? To live fully in the moment because that’s what brings us happiness?

When we take our focus away from the future and the past and seek to keep in the never-ending present moment, we can find real joy without looking for meaning.

The journey for truth and meaning in our lives can be a joyful one. So can the journey of not looking. And we can change our mind which journey we are on at any given moment.


Relationships are such tricky things.

We come to them with all sorts of expectations, ideas, and history, yet we seem to keep repeating the same patterns.

We search for someone who is completely different form that last disastrous person we had a relationship with, only to find out after a few weeks (or sooner) that our new partner is just the same or worse!

So what’s going on with that?

Whenever we look for answers outside of ourselves, we will always end up disappointed. Especially with relationships, as it’s never really about the other person, it’s about us.

People are wonderful mirrors for what is going on inside of us, we just don’t often realize it.

When we stop making it about the other person and start looking inside ourselves, we find the clues and patterns that underlie the repeating patterns.

It’s not easy, and it is definitely not for those who have a hard time being honest with themselves.

For the person who gets it, who looks inside instead of blaming the other person, a whole new world of empowered relationships await!


Moving forward in life is often not about making more money, taking a new job, starting a new business, or going back to school.

Moving forward often has more to do with that internal process of recognizing more and more of our own power.

It is easy to forget that we create our life, in a million different, little ways. We create our lives by the choices we make, by how we respond to life, and by where we decide to place our focus.

We move forward in life when we bring more consciousness to any of these aspects of our lives.

Are we being more conscious in our choices? Are we being more conscious in our responses? Are we being more conscious of where we are allowing our focus to go?

These may not seem like big steps, indeed they may only be baby steps in our lives, yet as one step piles on top of the other, they soon have a gigantic effect on our life.

So let’s move forward together, one baby step at a time, bringing more consciousness and more awareness into our lives…


Life often presents us with a choice – to choose ourselves or to choose someone else.

It comes in ways that are not often obvious. Are we choosing to take care of ourselves or others? Are we choosing to support our own projects or someone else’s vision?

It often feels easier to choose someone else, to support their business, their venture, their dream in exchange for money now.

When we choose ourselves, our vision, our dreams, the money often takes longer to come. Immediate gratification is hard to resist.

Yet, when we do choose our dreams, our vision, our project, the rewards are often many fold and greater. It is not just about immediate vs delayed gratification, but about minor growth vs greater growth.

It takes courage to choose yourself. It takes vision to choose yourself. It takes belief in yourself to choose yourself.

So let’s choose ourselves and practice having the courage, having the vision, having the support we all crave…


Building a bridge from where we are to our dreams can feel daunting and impossible at times.

Especially when the unexpected strikes, we have a hard time seeing how to move forward and get through our current challenges.

This is the time when trust and community are most important.

Trust, that for even though we can’t see how our vision can come into being, life has a way to allow it to happen. We need to keep our focus on the what, and allow the universe to show us the how.

Community, for it is in the most difficult times that the community around us wants to support us, help us, and be there for us.

Not that Community is there to do it for us, but to encourage us that even though we can’t see the bridge that will take us to our vision, it is there and it is just one step in front of us.

When it is darkest, when the clouds are so thick you can only see one step in front of you, that one step is all you need to take. One foot in front of the other, slowly, carefully, we move forward.

And when the clouds lift and the dawn comes, we find that not only have we been walking on the bridge the whole time, we are actually almost over to the other side!


We don’t like to sit in our discomfort, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual.

In fact, we usually do just about anything to get out of it.

There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s perfectly natural.

Yet there is something valuable to learn from our discomfort. Perhaps there’s a situation we need to deal with better. Perhaps there’s a relationship that needs some attention, or a physical issue that we haven’t taken care of.

Sometimes, when we allow ourselves to really feel the discomfort, we can gain insight or clarity from it. Sometimes it is a lesson to be learned that we will not soon forget.

We don’t have to force ourselves into the discomfort, but rather just allow what is there to arise and be present with it.

What is our discomfort trying to tell us? What is the message we have not yet heard? What is it that we are not listening to?

We do not have to endure agonizing pain to learn our lessons. We do have to be present to what is already here and allow it to teach us what we have not yet been willing to learn.