Expansion and contraction. The two often go hand in hand.

When we expand, we grow, we hold more, we feel great. But in nature when life expands, it does so organically, testing and pushing the limits of what works.

Inevitably, some piece of the expansion doesn’t work, and it dies off. That’s the contraction.

The contraction is necessary for life to learn where it makes sense to grow, and where it doesn’t. Contractions don’t feel so good, but they are necessary.

You may not be able to enjoy your contractions, but at least know that they are a natural part of life and contractions are often followed by periods of expansion.

Many people have come out against the idea that “it is better to give than to receive.” They put the emphasis on the idea that balance is needed, and we need to receive before we can give.

This is absolutely right. We need to fill up our own cup before we can give to anyone else. When we give from our lack, we cannot truly give what the person needs, and we drain ourselves.

When we give from our over-abundance, then we give with the joy and the energy that both uplifts and delights the receiver.
What we do not see discussed much is the idea of receiving in order to give. That the purpose of filling up our cup is so that we can share our gifts with the world.

It is a small difference in inflection, and one that makes a huge difference.

We can all feel good about receiving when we realize that we have to receive before we can give. If we stop there, then we focus just on the receiving, on filling ourselves up, and forget that the purpose of filling ourselves up is in order to give to others, then we become selfish and instead of living in flow we live in a vault.

How much better does it feel to you when you focus on receiving in order to give? Can you receive more in order to give more? What more would you share if you where receiving more?

All of the major issues that we face in our lives seem huge to us. Many times they seem too big to solve.

In fact, what we really are dealing with is an issue of perspective. These issues seem so huge because we are so close to them that we do not have a good perspective with which to look at them.

The other aspect of it is that we are looking at the entirety of the issue, instead of breaking it down into the smaller components.

When we look at our finances, our careers, our environment, global political movements, wars, and other large scale issues, we often miss the opportunity to break them down in smaller, bite-sized pieces that we actually can do something about.

No individual may be able to solve the global climate change issue, but we can as individuals, use just a little less energy, throw out a little less garbage, recycle just a little more.

We may not be able to bring peace to entire world over night, but we can be more peaceful ourselves, support in some small ways, efforts to educate instead of fight, and spread our views to those few in our networks that will listen.

Ultimately, it’s not about changing everyone or everything in the world for the world to improve. We just have to change ourselves, in some small fashion, so we move in that direction.

The process of becoming a more conscious human being is a slow, purposeful path. It is not for the faint of heart, or for those who think of it as a hobby. It is much more consuming than any hobby.

The reason why it is such a deliberate choice is that when we make the conscious choice to work on ourselves, to delve into our depths, and really do the great work, it becomes something that spreads throughout our entire life.

You cannot just “be conscious” on weekends or at workshops, it is something we must embody every waking moment of every day. It is an identity, it is who you are. It is not a facade or a character you play.

That means it affects what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. It affects your relationships, your choices around food, lifestyle, and even friends. It becomes a guiding light that illuminates all aspects of your life.

Are you ready? Have you already made the choice? Have you started second guessing yourself about that choice? Are you joyfully dancing down that path or has it caused some disruption in your status quo?

Do not despair, no matter how hard a path it may seem. The light is not at the end of the tunnel, it is actually all around you!

The evolution of Consciousness is evidenced all around us.

Yes, there are times when it feels like the world is regressing instead of evolving, but that usually happens when we define our focus too narrowly.

The world is more humane than ever before.

Does that mean that there are no people acting inhumanely? Of course not.

The world is more civilized than ever before.

Does that mean that there no brutally uncivilized societies in the world anymore? Of course not.

What it does mean is that we are more aware of what is really going on in the world. We hear about tiny villages in far off countries that were once just the stuff of fairy tales.

Today those villages are real, in full color video where we can see what is going on first hand. And that’s a Good thing!

Awareness is the first step in evolution. The more aware we are of all the issues we face int he world, the more we can change them. And we are. Not all at once, and certainly not over night. It took centuries, if not thousands of years to get this point.

What’s a few more decades to resolve our issues and live in more peaceful, conscious, and aligned planet?

Sometimes it really does feel like everything around you is falling apart.

From long-held relationships, to careers, to homes, to communities, we grow used to the familiar and then are shocked when it starts to fade.

That’s when we get ourselves in trouble, when we hold on to those things that we know it is time to let go of, because we fear the change, the unknown and the uncertainty.

Yet that is where the real beauty lies, in letting go of the known and embracing the unknown. That is where our growth and often times our dreams lie. We cannot climb a mountain and see the beautiful summit if we continue to hold on the anchor at the base.

Time is constantly moving, and with it’s current comes change. We may try to resist the change, yet when we embrace the change, we find so many new joys, many more than our imagination could have conceived.

Embrace the mystery of life. Embrace the falling apart. Embrace the new you that emerges.

Is the main stream media really serving us?

Are constant reports of ebola or terrorism really doing us any good?

Are you safer for having listened to the broadcasts or read the same thing in every newspaper?

What is the real effect of all this negativity on our collective psyche?

Our minds constantly feed on whatever information we supply it with, and the more fearful, negative, depressing information we see, read and hear, the more our mind will generate fear-based, depressing thoughts.

The worse we feel, the more we feed on those same sources that only re-enforce the same depressing mood.

How do we break the cycle?

Limit the amount of negative news you take in each day, and look for more and more sources of positive, uplifting news. Balance what you focus on so you won’t become so obsessive with all the tragedy in the world.

Taking a risk is not about gambling.

It is not about faith, blind trust or educated guesses.

Taking a risk is about believing in yourself.

We often feel the risk in making a bold move, of committing ourselves to project that may or may not work out, or to a cause that we truly believe in, is about not knowing what kind of return will come from them.

Actually, it is all about betting on ourselves, and investing in our dreams, hopes, and desires.

Does that mean that we should just assume everything will work out? Of course not. What it means is that we can make a more conscious choice to believe that the Universe will truly support us and that we can succeed when we trust ourselves.

So let’s agree to gamble less, and to bet on ourselves more!

Our path in life often takes us to places we didn’t expect.

The thrill of the unknown is what makes this path so interesting and exciting. But for some, the idea of not knowing where they are going can be quite frightening.

To overcome that fear, it is helpful to just look at your own journey, and what has brought you to where you are now.

Did you think that the one choice that you made 20 or 30 years ago, whether it was what school to go to or what job to take or whom to date, would have such an impact on your life today?

Sometimes the smallest of decisions can lead to enormous differences in how our journey unfolds. The key is that we do not have the perspective to see how those small decisions are not so small at all.

So why are we afraid of the unknown? After all, isn’t all of life an unknown until it happens?

Making peace with our unknown future helps us to live more fully present in our lives, and allows us to be guided in a more supportive and effortless manner.

So let’s all learn to be curious about the unknown instead of fearing it!

Partnerships are curious things.

When they work, they work great, when they don’t, it’s usually a disaster. T

he are so many stories of businesses (and marriages) falling apart even when there is plenty of money to be made (or money coming in), and often times the source of the issues can be traced back to communication.

Many entrepreneurs and business owner choose to go into business with partners even when they have many problems with past partnerships.

Why is that?

Because even though a partnership is the biggest risk, it has so many benefits and so many rewards that most people would rather take a chance at success (love) with someone, then do it all on their own (and be alone).