Partnerships are curious things.

When they work, they work great, when they don’t, it’s usually a disaster. T

he are so many stories of businesses (and marriages) falling apart even when there is plenty of money to be made (or money coming in), and often times the source of the issues can be traced back to communication.

Many entrepreneurs and business owner choose to go into business with partners even when they have many problems with past partnerships.

Why is that?

Because even though a partnership is the biggest risk, it has so many benefits and so many rewards that most people would rather take a chance at success (love) with someone, then do it all on their own (and be alone).

Finding connection with our fellow human beings is not always easy, nor does it always feel safe.

Yet today there are more ways to connect than ever before.

How do you connect with your friends, family, customers, fans, or tribe?

Do you use email mostly, or are you tweeting with them? Do you have an active Facebook page or perhaps you are using LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest?

How about using the old-fashioned telephone?

Do you meet people in person? One on one? At a party?

Although technology has made it easier than ever to connect, has the quality of our connections increased or decreased?

When was the last time you just gave someone a hug? Now that’s connection…

Celebration is not just something we do on occasion, it is a powerful tool for lifting one’s energy and one’s spirits.

We often think that there needs to be something special happening in order for us to celebrate, such as a holiday, an anniversary, or a birthday.

If you think about it, there really are no rules around celebration.

Anything can be a reason for a celebration. A sunny day, a phone call from an old friend, a kind word from a stranger, a penny found on the sidewalk, all these and more are wonderful opportunities to celebrate life.

What happens when we celebrate? Our mood lifts, our gratitude increases, and our joy for being alive are all stimulated and bring greater happiness into our lives.

Not only do we raise our own vibration, but we raise the frequency of everyone we include in the celebration. And we all have fun in the process!

Now think of something, anything, that you can go out and celebrate!!!