The loss of someone in our lives, particularly someone older, who we’ve looked up for many years, never feels good.

Because they are no longer physically present, we feel like we have lost them. Because we can’t see them or hold them anymore, we think they aren’t in our lives anymore.

Yet they are.

As long we remember them, as long as we still have conversations with them, even if they don’t answer us, they are still present.

In some ways, they are even more present in our lives as they are no longer bound by time and space. Now their energy is free to be with us whenever we choose.

We can still feel them in our hearts. We can still communicate with them in our minds. We can still see them in our dreams.

We have not lost them. They have merely transformed their presence from a physical one to an energetic one.

Perhaps one day we will learn to celebrate them more than we mourn them when they transition. Perhaps one day we will realize that no one is ever lost.

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