It is okay in the moment to feel stressed, overwhelmed, or beyond your capacity. We all do sometimes, and it normally comes when we are in the middle of a growth spurt.

Things happen, sometimes unexpectedly, that cause us to have to deal with situations we don’t normally have to deal with. Our abilities are put to the test, and our strengths and weaknesses rise to the surface.

It is at these times that we discover what we are truly capably of, as well what we are not. This is important, as the two are not normally exactly what we think we can and can’t do.

We are often surprised, one way or the other, at how we got through those tough times, what kind of support we needed and received, and what resources where there that we never recognized.

That’s a big part of growing. Seeing what we once couldn’t see about ourselves.

We don’t usually like those situations, we don’t go looking for them on purpose, and yet when they find us, we are made anew. So let’s not resist or shy away from these amazing opportunities. Let’s learn to embrace them and love them with the passion they deserve.

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