Some people have big dreams.

Some people have moderate dreams.

Some people just dream of have a roof over their heads and food in their stomach.

Some people have no dreams at all…

Yet we all do dream, sometime, somewhere, sometimes snuck away in little corners of our psyches, there are those moments, those flashes of hope and light that just begs for tiniest of encouragement.

Often, people feel that they are seeking clarity. more often, it seems, we are all just seeking the courage to dare to dream the dreams we fear are impossible, beyond us, and just plain ludicrous.

Courage, real courage, is believing in something even when it seems absurd. The courage to believe in ourselves, when by all outward appearances there is nothing to stand on, is the greatest effort we can make to change our lives.

Dreams make life not only bearable, dreams make life amazing. To conceive of new worlds, new ideas, new stories, and new ways of evolving, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and the world around us.

Do not just dare to dream, live to dream!

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