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Seeing the lesson when things don’t go as expected is not usually easy for us.

We get caught up in what went wrong. We focus on how things didn’t turn out the way we wanted. We feel disappointment at the outcome.

If that is all we see, then we have missed a great opportunity.

When we can observe our reaction to the unexpected, we can learn a lot about ourselves.

When we see different options when the main one we were focused on is no longer viable, then we can be creative.

Often, when we are forced to decide on a different path, we find that it works out in ways we never imagined. Sometimes those new paths take us far beyond our imagination and our goals.

Learning to be flexible in our thinking helps us to adapt to any new situation. We normally fear the unknown because we don’t know how to deal with it.

When we liberate ourselves from that fear, and figure out how to thrive on the chaos that comes from the unexpected, then we can truly thrive.

Dancing with joy into the tumultuous waters of life is far more liberating that being a rock for the waves to crash against.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant