All of the major issues that we face in our lives seem huge to us. Many times they seem too big to solve.

In fact, what we really are dealing with is an issue of perspective. These issues seem so huge because we are so close to them that we do not have a good perspective with which to look at them.

The other aspect of it is that we are looking at the entirety of the issue, instead of breaking it down into the smaller components.

When we look at our finances, our careers, our environment, global political movements, wars, and other large scale issues, we often miss the opportunity to break them down in smaller, bite-sized pieces that we actually can do something about.

No individual may be able to solve the global climate change issue, but we can as individuals, use just a little less energy, throw out a little less garbage, recycle just a little more.

We may not be able to bring peace to entire world over night, but we can be more peaceful ourselves, support in some small ways, efforts to educate instead of fight, and spread our views to those few in our networks that will listen.

Ultimately, it’s not about changing everyone or everything in the world for the world to improve. We just have to change ourselves, in some small fashion, so we move in that direction.

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