Releasing our fear and pain is not something that is necessarily easy.

It may go against our intuition, after all, we usually can’t wait to get out of pain, yet when it has been our companion for so long, we get used to it.

Fear and pain protects us. They protect us from having to feel, from having to show up, from having to change.

We know they don’t serve us. We know they hold us back. We know they suck our energy and keep us from being more creative, more open, more vulnerable.

We know all of this and yet we still hold onto our hurt and our sorrow like a warm blanket, covering our heart from any potential threat.

Yes, it is safer there. Yes, it is more comforting there. And yes, it is still holding us back.

How are you allowing your pain to hold you back? What could you do if you let it go, released even a little bit of it? Where would you put that freed up energy in your life?

Who would you be if that fear and pain that is so a part of you were no longer there?

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