It has been said that resistance is what causes us the most trouble.

In particular, resistance to what is.

We usually get into trouble when we deny the way things actually are. When we get upset at how things are. Or when we desire things to be different than they are.

Yes, we all want to see situations improve, and sometimes desiring change is what motivates us to do something about the way things are, yet it is our belief that we know better than the universe how things should be that causes our own suffering.

We don’t like the way people are, so we complain about them and make ourselves feel worse.

We don’t like how the government is run, so we criticize it and continue to feel dis-empowered.

We don’t like what is happening in the world at large, so we tell everyone how awful the state of affairs is, and continue to spread fear and anger.

In the end, this all just comes back to haunt us and cause ourselves to be less happy, less loving, less joyful.

Yet, when we accept people for the way they are, when we understand that even if things don’t seem like it, they actually are working out for the best in the long run, our lives become easier and less stressful.

Let us all learn to trust a little more, to have a little more faith in the future, and to know that the universe is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to, even when it doesn’t feel like it or seem like it at the time…

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