Many people have come out against the idea that “it is better to give than to receive.” They put the emphasis on the idea that balance is needed, and we need to receive before we can give.

This is absolutely right. We need to fill up our own cup before we can give to anyone else. When we give from our lack, we cannot truly give what the person needs, and we drain ourselves.

When we give from our over-abundance, then we give with the joy and the energy that both uplifts and delights the receiver.
What we do not see discussed much is the idea of receiving in order to give. That the purpose of filling up our cup is so that we can share our gifts with the world.

It is a small difference in inflection, and one that makes a huge difference.

We can all feel good about receiving when we realize that we have to receive before we can give. If we stop there, then we focus just on the receiving, on filling ourselves up, and forget that the purpose of filling ourselves up is in order to give to others, then we become selfish and instead of living in flow we live in a vault.

How much better does it feel to you when you focus on receiving in order to give? Can you receive more in order to give more? What more would you share if you where receiving more?

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