What makes our day-to-day struggles so hard?

Is it the actual challenge itself?

Is it finding the support or direction you need?

Or perhaps is it our judgment of the situation itself? Is it that we make the challenge “wrong” in some way, make it something to avoid, get past, or get around?

Often times, the actual challenge itself is not the cause of the stress we feel, but the fact that we condemn, in some way, that the challenge is happening in the first place.

Inevitably, if we can let go of the judgment, of making the challenge or situation “right” or “wrong”, we release a great deal of the stress we feel around it.

This is not to say if you are struggling to pay the rent, or put food on the table, that the struggle just disappears. However, if we shift our perspective and see the struggle as a natural part of life, then it is no longer to be feared, avoided, or ignored.

We can then show up in our lives with an ease, a grace, that allows us to walk through whatever arises and not get stuck on the fact that this particular event is happening.

Although this may not be an easy practice to cultivate, the rewards are astounding!