On the path to trust, we first come across acceptance.

Ultimately, we all want to develop that deep sense of trusting ourselves. The first step is to accept ourselves.

We start by learning to accept ourselves as human – which means we make mistakes, we’re not perfect, nor do we have to be.

We learn to then accept ourselves as perfect – yes, we are fallible, and we are also perfect in who we are. There is no one else quite like us, we are unique and perfect in our imperfections. We are the best manifestation of our spirits that we can be.

We then learn to accept ourselves as we are – if we could do better, we would, always!

Which leads us to accepting ourselves without judgment – we are not good, we are not bad, we are who we are and we make the best choices and decisions we could possibly make given our personality, our history and our experiences. We can do no better and no worse than we already are.

The amazing thing is how all this leads up to – accepting others as they are. We may not trust them, we may not like them, we may not want to be in their presence (and nothing says you have to), and you can still accept that they are who they are, and they are doing the best that they can.

And what kind of world would we be living in if we trusted our ability to accept things just as they are? That does not mean we don’t strive to make things better, yet we can accept that things are the way they are without judgment and still work towards evolving, awakening, and creating a better world for us all…

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