Empowerment is not about controlling our environment.

Empowerment is not about controlling other people.

Empowerment is not about controlling the events around us.

Empowerment is about control over our own choices, our own responses, and our own focus.

It can be easy for us to focus on what’s wrong with the world, how other people are crazy, and how when people think differently from us, they are wrong.

And yet it is a choice to focus on what’s right with the world, on what’s good about other people, and to be curious when someone has a different opinion from us.

It is not up to us to “fix” the world. It is up to us to “fix” how we feel about the world, and make peace with it. For it is by making peace with the world inside of us that we make peace in the world around us.

We can choose to see the events around us as reasons to despair or reasons to get motivated. As a reason to run away, or a reason to step up that much more.

Where is your focus? Are you falling into the trap of fear or choosing to step up and allow your light to shine that much brighter?

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