The big lie the world perpetrates is that we are powerless to do anything about the way life is.

We are too small, we do not have enough resources, we are not well connected enough, in short, we have no power.

This is a lie on so many levels that it is hard to believe that it is so pervasive. Yet every day, more and more people buy into this idea, and allow themselves to become slaves to what is in their lives.

When we really look at it, we actually have all the power to change. While we cannot control what other people do, or what circumstances may come our way, we have complete control over the most important thing in our lives.

The decisions we make.

Yes, the choices we choose, every moment of every day, is where all the power lies.

How we respond to situations, how we deal with the good times and the bad, how we decide, day to day, to show up for ourselves and for others, is far more important than anything that happens to us externally.

And the biggest power of all, is the choice to change. For we can change everything important in our lives through changing our focus, our thoughts, our language and our physiology.

Real power, is the power to choose something different!


Learning to trust yourself takes time, patience and perseverance.

Mostly, that is because from the time we are young we are taught not to trust ourselves.

We are taught instead to trust our parents, our teachers, our peer group, just about everyone else except ourselves.

We learn to put our faith in our religious or political leaders because, after all, they know better than we do what’s best for us.

This learned behavior is not only dis-empowering, it is dangerous to our well-being.

When we ignore our common sense, when we put down our intuition, when we place our fate into the hands of some guru rather than trusting our own bodies, tragedy can follow.

When that tragedy occurs, we blame the guru, and that dis-empowers us even more.

Instead of blame, let us learn to be curious and find the lesson in it.

Instead of giving away our power, let us make our own decisions, for better or worse, and learn from the outcome.

This is our life! Let’s start living it like we mean it. Ultimately, we are all responsible for our choices and their outcomes, and because of that we are empowered by each one.


Some people have big dreams.

Some people have moderate dreams.

Some people just dream of have a roof over their heads and food in their stomach.

Some people have no dreams at all…

Yet we all do dream, sometime, somewhere, sometimes snuck away in little corners of our psyches, there are those moments, those flashes of hope and light that just begs for tiniest of encouragement.

Often, people feel that they are seeking clarity. more often, it seems, we are all just seeking the courage to dare to dream the dreams we fear are impossible, beyond us, and just plain ludicrous.

Courage, real courage, is believing in something even when it seems absurd. The courage to believe in ourselves, when by all outward appearances there is nothing to stand on, is the greatest effort we can make to change our lives.

Dreams make life not only bearable, dreams make life amazing. To conceive of new worlds, new ideas, new stories, and new ways of evolving, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and the world around us.

Do not just dare to dream, live to dream!


Acceptance of that which we do not like to see comes first.

After acceptance, after recognizing how that thing we have such a distaste for is actually inside of us, comes love.

Getting there may not be easy, yet it is the only path towards wholeness.

When we can accept the tyrant within us, the predator, the cheat, the liar and the thief within, then we can accept those around us who embody those very same qualities.

Some call it the Shadow, some the dark side, yet no matter what the label, it is all us. It is in the world because it is inside of us.

Coming to that realization takes courage, forgiveness and self-love.

It is only when we can embrace it within us, admit it, shine our light on it, and still love ourselves that we will heal it in our world.

As long as we separate ourselves from it, cut ourselves off from it, it will continue to show up and be that thorn that no one can remove. We can only remove it ourselves.

It is up to us, not anyone else, to heal this within us. No one can do it for us, they can only do it for themselves.

So let us this day love a little more, forgive a little more, support and help others a little more, not from a place of guilt but from a place of love.


Releasing our fear and pain is not something that is necessarily easy.

It may go against our intuition, after all, we usually can’t wait to get out of pain, yet when it has been our companion for so long, we get used to it.

Fear and pain protects us. They protect us from having to feel, from having to show up, from having to change.

We know they don’t serve us. We know they hold us back. We know they suck our energy and keep us from being more creative, more open, more vulnerable.

We know all of this and yet we still hold onto our hurt and our sorrow like a warm blanket, covering our heart from any potential threat.

Yes, it is safer there. Yes, it is more comforting there. And yes, it is still holding us back.

How are you allowing your pain to hold you back? What could you do if you let it go, released even a little bit of it? Where would you put that freed up energy in your life?

Who would you be if that fear and pain that is so a part of you were no longer there?


Appreciation is one of the most powerful tools we have to make a change.

All too often we find ourselves wishing things weren’t as they are. We want the world to be different, the economy to be different, our partner to be different.

We blame our unhappiness on the situations around us, and make it someone or something else’s fault we’re stuck or in a bad way.

Actually, it is our resistance to the way things are that is causing us the most trouble. It is our insistent desire that things should just be different and the non-acceptance of how things are that cause us grief and pain.

What do we do to change it? Having appreciation for the world around us, for everything, for the people, for the economy, for life itself, is one of the surest ways to shift our energy, and thereby, shift our whole perspective.

Learning to see how we can be grateful for everything that surrounds us, is a discipline whose dividends pay off for years to come, as well changing our current state.

So let’s be grateful for the cloudy days, the holes in our socks, and the under-cooked meal. After all, what’s more important, the world around us or how we feel about it?


Moving forward in life is often not about making more money, taking a new job, starting a new business, or going back to school.

Moving forward often has more to do with that internal process of recognizing more and more of our own power.

It is easy to forget that we create our life, in a million different, little ways. We create our lives by the choices we make, by how we respond to life, and by where we decide to place our focus.

We move forward in life when we bring more consciousness to any of these aspects of our lives.

Are we being more conscious in our choices? Are we being more conscious in our responses? Are we being more conscious of where we are allowing our focus to go?

These may not seem like big steps, indeed they may only be baby steps in our lives, yet as one step piles on top of the other, they soon have a gigantic effect on our life.

So let’s move forward together, one baby step at a time, bringing more consciousness and more awareness into our lives…


Awakening to our dreams and purpose can be both invigorating and scary.

We all desire to know what our true purpose is, what dreams we really want to fulfill in our lives, and what Life desires from us.

Yet once we know, it can be daunting and frightening.

We are not often prepared for what greatness Life sees within us that we don’t already recognize. We shy away from shining bigger, brighter and more full when we have been used to going at half power.

How do we step into our greatness, awaken to a fuller potential, and shine brighter when the very thought of it causes us to quake in our boots?

The key is to focus on the dream, on the passion, and on the feeling of what it will be like to fulfill these visions.

As we learn to allow ourselves to be pulled towards the higher path instead of pushing ourselves up the mountain, we find that life is willing to do much more of the work than we first thought.

Trust your visions, your dreams, and your purpose. They have been given to you to empower you.


Some things are just beyond our control.

Yes, we do create our reality, to a point.

Yes, we do have complete control over how we respond to the world around us.

Yet things happen in the world that ultimately are beyond our control to do anything about. That’s when we learn how to surrender.

Surrendering is not about giving up. It’s about understanding our place in the universe and seeing where we can do something that has an effect, and where we can’t.

That is the time we learn to develop trust or faith.

As humans, we cannot see the full implications to our own actions, let alone the actions of others or of nature. Our perception is limited, and we are not omniscient.

Learning to be okay with that helps to make our lives easier, and allows us to enjoy the ride. When we enjoy the ride, we show up from a more empowered place.


It is okay in the moment to feel stressed, overwhelmed, or beyond your capacity. We all do sometimes, and it normally comes when we are in the middle of a growth spurt.

Things happen, sometimes unexpectedly, that cause us to have to deal with situations we don’t normally have to deal with. Our abilities are put to the test, and our strengths and weaknesses rise to the surface.

It is at these times that we discover what we are truly capably of, as well what we are not. This is important, as the two are not normally exactly what we think we can and can’t do.

We are often surprised, one way or the other, at how we got through those tough times, what kind of support we needed and received, and what resources where there that we never recognized.

That’s a big part of growing. Seeing what we once couldn’t see about ourselves.

We don’t usually like those situations, we don’t go looking for them on purpose, and yet when they find us, we are made anew. So let’s not resist or shy away from these amazing opportunities. Let’s learn to embrace them and love them with the passion they deserve.