Starting new, destroying the old, recreating our lives is both liberating and painful.

It is painful because we are often attached to how our life is, to the status quo, to the comfort of knowing what we can expect.

It is liberating because we now have a clean slate, a blank canvas on which to create something completely different from what we had before. There are no restrictions, and no guidelines as well.

It is thrilling to begin anew and be limited only by our own imagination. It can also be scary as it is the most uncertain, unknown place to be.

Once the first line is drawn, once we take the first step, we can feel relief. The blankness of the empty canvas can feel daunting and overwhelming. The surest way to get past those stifling feeling is to just take action, do something, create the first little piece.

When we begin, taking that first step, the second step comes easier. As does the third, the fourth, and then we are in the flow. What we once feared dissolves and transforms into the excitement of creation in process.

Every day is an opportunity to see your life as a blank slate. An opportunity to destroy your life and re-create it in any form you desire.

So what do you desire now? What possibilities are you looking to bring into your life?


Forgiveness is more than just a virtue.

Forgiveness is more than just an act of kindness.

Forgiveness is more than just a way to feel better.

Forgiveness is the most powerful path to enlightenment, to healing, to wholeness, and to love.

When we forgive we do not just do an act of kindness for another, we are doing an act of kindness for ourselves.

When we forgive we are releasing the hate, the anger, the sadness inside of us that keeps us from our true potential.

We are also releasing the other person from those energetic bonds that cause further pain and suffering. When we wipe the slate clean, we can all start anew, with a fresh perspective and a new outlook on life.

Ultimately, forgiveness is the greatest act of self-care, self-kindness, and self-love we can do. It is also the single greatest act we can do to heal the world.

Who can you forgive today?


Blaming others is easy.

Pointing fingers, being a victim, putting all our problems on someone else, is what we are taught from a young age as acceptable.

You can do that. No one will stop you, and indeed, other will be happy to join in and add fuel to the fire.

What takes real courage is owning up to our own faults, our own lessons, to our own part of any situation, and take responsibility for it.

Society does not encourage that. After all, if everyone starts to take responsibility for everything in their lives, that empowers them and then they can make changes and society no longer has its hold on them.

For society at large, that’s a dangerous thing to happen.

For the individual, it is the path of most growth and self-actualization.

It may not be a popular point of view, yet the energy of it rings true. When we take responsibility for everything in our lives, when we own it, when we deeply understand that our energy attracts and creates all of life’s situations around us, we are liberated.

Pain may be unavoidable, but suffering is optional. By taking complete responsibility for our lives, we can end the suffering and heal the pain without destroying anything or anyone. We can make changes to our own lives. We can create magic.

What is it that you want? Victimhood or Magic?


When we seek retribution, we may find satisfaction, but we rarely find peace.

When we seek vengeance, we might find justice, but we rarely find healing.

When we seek to tear down another to build up ourselves, we are building on sand and our house will surely fall.

There is only one right way to heal an injury from another. That is to find the wholeness within ourselves that was never injured, and return to it.

When we seek to hurt another, we not only hurt them, we hurt ourselves. And we hurt ourselves far more than we can ever hurt another.

Has someone done wrong by you? Start by forgiving yourself for being involved, take better care of yourself, and examine what within you is holding that energy active. There is always some kind of energetic pattern that created the situation to begin with.

This is not to say that you should keep the person who wronged you in your life, of course not. Yet that is exactly what we do when we seek retribution, vengeance or harm upon another.

Making peace with ourselves is a far more effective way to find the healing and wholeness that we truly seek.


There is no such thing as a good time to make a change.

That’s because all the time is a good time to make a change!

We usually wait, find excuses to put it off, look for a sign or the stars to align, until we finally make our move.

The thing is, the best time to jump is NOW!

Now is always the right time to move forward. Now is always the right time to put into action what you’ve been waiting on.

Now is the always the right time to follow your dreams.

Waiting on your dreams does not do anyone any good. Waiting for a better day, never comes. Waiting for everything to line up, just never happens.

Do it now! Take action, ship that product, publish that post, create your book, your class, your song, your piece of art!

The world needs your dreams. The world needs your voice. The world needs your art. Whatever your art is, create it now. Now is all we have…


It has been said that resistance is what causes us the most trouble.

In particular, resistance to what is.

We usually get into trouble when we deny the way things actually are. When we get upset at how things are. Or when we desire things to be different than they are.

Yes, we all want to see situations improve, and sometimes desiring change is what motivates us to do something about the way things are, yet it is our belief that we know better than the universe how things should be that causes our own suffering.

We don’t like the way people are, so we complain about them and make ourselves feel worse.

We don’t like how the government is run, so we criticize it and continue to feel dis-empowered.

We don’t like what is happening in the world at large, so we tell everyone how awful the state of affairs is, and continue to spread fear and anger.

In the end, this all just comes back to haunt us and cause ourselves to be less happy, less loving, less joyful.

Yet, when we accept people for the way they are, when we understand that even if things don’t seem like it, they actually are working out for the best in the long run, our lives become easier and less stressful.

Let us all learn to trust a little more, to have a little more faith in the future, and to know that the universe is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to, even when it doesn’t feel like it or seem like it at the time…


Just because we know our failings, our weaknesses, does not always mean we avoid them.

We may know that we are not good with money, relationships, or commitments, yet that knowledge does not always help us from avoiding the missteps we make in those arenas.

Yes, as we bring more awareness and consciousness into those areas, we can begin to change our behaviors and create new patterns. And still it should not surprise us that we still over-pay sometimes, or that we are attracted to the wrong kind of person for us.

Awareness of the issue is key. Awareness brings understanding and engages the mind to work differently. Yet when we engage the heart and body, then we rewire and recreate new patterns in our lives.

Building new muscle takes time and repetition. It takes resistance and training. This is true whether it is for physical muscle or emotional/energetic muscle.

The process can be short or long, so having compassion and patience will aid us tremendously. Getting things right the first time is not as important as getting it in our system, fully, deeply, and making it our new reality.


We look to live lives of meaning, we seek the profound in everyday life.

We desire for there to be something greater that we are a part of, something more than just life. It is as if we look for some deeper, hidden truth to justify our existence.

Why is it that we seek to create a greater meaning from just living our lives?

Why is just living life for the mere sake of it enough?

This is not to assume that there is not some higher truth or greater path we follow, it is only to question why can’t we just enjoy life as it is, and wait to see the deeper meaning revealed with time?

Is it so wrong to just enjoy life for its own sake? To revel in the beauty of nature for the sheer joy of it? To live fully in the moment because that’s what brings us happiness?

When we take our focus away from the future and the past and seek to keep in the never-ending present moment, we can find real joy without looking for meaning.

The journey for truth and meaning in our lives can be a joyful one. So can the journey of not looking. And we can change our mind which journey we are on at any given moment.


Relationships are such tricky things.

We come to them with all sorts of expectations, ideas, and history, yet we seem to keep repeating the same patterns.

We search for someone who is completely different form that last disastrous person we had a relationship with, only to find out after a few weeks (or sooner) that our new partner is just the same or worse!

So what’s going on with that?

Whenever we look for answers outside of ourselves, we will always end up disappointed. Especially with relationships, as it’s never really about the other person, it’s about us.

People are wonderful mirrors for what is going on inside of us, we just don’t often realize it.

When we stop making it about the other person and start looking inside ourselves, we find the clues and patterns that underlie the repeating patterns.

It’s not easy, and it is definitely not for those who have a hard time being honest with themselves.

For the person who gets it, who looks inside instead of blaming the other person, a whole new world of empowered relationships await!


Life often presents us with a choice – to choose ourselves or to choose someone else.

It comes in ways that are not often obvious. Are we choosing to take care of ourselves or others? Are we choosing to support our own projects or someone else’s vision?

It often feels easier to choose someone else, to support their business, their venture, their dream in exchange for money now.

When we choose ourselves, our vision, our dreams, the money often takes longer to come. Immediate gratification is hard to resist.

Yet, when we do choose our dreams, our vision, our project, the rewards are often many fold and greater. It is not just about immediate vs delayed gratification, but about minor growth vs greater growth.

It takes courage to choose yourself. It takes vision to choose yourself. It takes belief in yourself to choose yourself.

So let’s choose ourselves and practice having the courage, having the vision, having the support we all crave…