Life often presents us with a choice – to choose ourselves or to choose someone else.

It comes in ways that are not often obvious. Are we choosing to take care of ourselves or others? Are we choosing to support our own projects or someone else’s vision?

It often feels easier to choose someone else, to support their business, their venture, their dream in exchange for money now.

When we choose ourselves, our vision, our dreams, the money often takes longer to come. Immediate gratification is hard to resist.

Yet, when we do choose our dreams, our vision, our project, the rewards are often many fold and greater. It is not just about immediate vs delayed gratification, but about minor growth vs greater growth.

It takes courage to choose yourself. It takes vision to choose yourself. It takes belief in yourself to choose yourself.

So let’s choose ourselves and practice having the courage, having the vision, having the support we all crave…


Expansion happens sometimes explosively, and sometimes slowly.

There are those moments when we are thrust into our expansion not by design or by choice, but by life itself.

We may not think we are ready. Life does.

We may not think we have everything figured out. Life does.

We may not know exactly what we’re supposed to do. Life does.

When we expand because we are answering life’s call, we do not need all the answers. We do not need much of anything, except to accept it, and step up.

Accepting that now is the time, just because Life says so, can be the most liberating attitude. If we allow Life to guide us, to trust Life, and to respect Life enough that we show up and play fully, then we can watch as miracles happen.

Is Life calling you to step up?


It is not uncommon for our childhood traumas to have a hold on us throughout our lives.

What most of us don’t realize is that we can transform, change and re-imagine those traumatic times as adults, and find ways to make those moments serve us instead of cripple us.

The important thing to remember is that when those memories were formed, we were but children, seeing the world as a child sees the world.

Since then, we have matured, gained experience and insight that allows us to see the world quite differently. The world we live in as adults is not the world we lived in as children.

So how do we change those memories? We don’t. We change our interpretation of those memories instead.

You see, it is not what we experienced so many years ago that makes such an impact on our lives today, but the meaning we make around it. It is the stories we’ve told ourselves since then about ourselves, about people, and about the world around us that still shapes our world today.

So let’s go back, visualize those experiences, feel what we felt and see what we saw then. Now, let’s look at the meaning we made from those experiences. What different meaning could we make from the experiences instead? What empowering, inspiring meaning can come from those exact same events?

Do they now show us how strong we are? How loved we are? How resilient we are? How much love we have in our hearts that those events did not turn us into a darker person?

When we remake the meaning behind those fundamental experiences we had as young children, we can remake our entire world.


We don’t like to sit in our discomfort, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual.

In fact, we usually do just about anything to get out of it.

There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s perfectly natural.

Yet there is something valuable to learn from our discomfort. Perhaps there’s a situation we need to deal with better. Perhaps there’s a relationship that needs some attention, or a physical issue that we haven’t taken care of.

Sometimes, when we allow ourselves to really feel the discomfort, we can gain insight or clarity from it. Sometimes it is a lesson to be learned that we will not soon forget.

We don’t have to force ourselves into the discomfort, but rather just allow what is there to arise and be present with it.

What is our discomfort trying to tell us? What is the message we have not yet heard? What is it that we are not listening to?

We do not have to endure agonizing pain to learn our lessons. We do have to be present to what is already here and allow it to teach us what we have not yet been willing to learn.


Knowing what to do, knowing how to do it, and actually executing on what you want to do are three entirely different things.

Is it important to know what to do? Absolutely!

Do we need to know how to do it? Of course!

Is executing on what it is you really want to do the same thing? Definitely not!

Sometimes we get too caught up in the figuring it out stages and forget that we can have all the best intentions, all the best ideas, and all the best know-how, but without taking action and actually working on the goal, it is all just a mental game.

Even if you are not quite 100% clear on the what, even if you’re not quite how to go about doing it, if you start working on it, if you start by just doing the very first step that’s right in front of you, the what and how will be clearer over time.

Just taking that first step, writing the first paragraph, creating the first outline, making the first phone call, hammering the first nail, planting the first seed, seeing that first client, just doing the very basic first step is the most important action you can take.

Because then the next step becomes obvious. We’ve broken the barrier to begin and overcome inertia. Movement created momentum, and momentum creates our destiny!


Making the first steps onto a new path are always the scariest.

The path is unknown, the consequences are unknown, and the outcomes are unknown.

That must not stop us from taking those first few steps. With each new step, the path becomes less treacherous, more familiar, and soon we gain confidence.

All great work starts with with one step onto an unknown path. The road traveled by many yields no new insights, no new secrets.

It is only when we have the courage to step outside the well-trodden path that we find treasures no one else found. When we explore new territory, we become rich in experience and knowledge.

Don’t deny the world your courage, for it is in that courage that you spark the hearts and minds of those around you, and that is where real change lies.

Do the great work, the hard work, the important work, for it is in the unknown that we truly get to know ourselves.


Seeing new possibilities is an art that is developed over time.

We like to think that we are open to new ideas, new places, new people, new ventures, when in fact we are normally creatures of restriction and limitation.

It takes time to focus on expanding our vision and seeing opportunity where before we saw obstacles. It is not natural in our society, so we must cultivate this skill until it does become second nature.

Seeing the new possibilities is like being a child again and having the imagination to see a whole world in just a pile of plastic blocks, or a dinosaur in a lump of play dough.

It takes playing and letting our minds wander though the endless labyrinths of fantasy and fiction, to create new connections and new appreciation for the empty spaces.

How much time do you allow yourself to play?


To feel our true power takes courage.

Not the kind of courage you’d think you would need.

You need the courage to feel your heart.

Power, like truth, without compassion can be cruel. Yet the real power that is beyond force lies in our ability to come face-to-face with our own soul.

Most people think of the soul as something only light and loving. Yet something as deep and complex as our soul holds so much more. It holds our darkness, as much as our light.

To face that darkness takes real power, real inner strength, a real commitment to know oneself. That is the truest form of courage there is.

And from that comes true strength.


Changing our habits takes effort. It also takes something more.

To truly change, it is not about the external movements we make. It is about something more, something deeper.

All change happens in our hearts first. It’s something we feel on the inside, that then radiates out. If not, then the change does not last.

It is common for us to focus on the external behaviors, not the internal dialogue, not the why we feel about ourselves. Yet, our shifting our feelings first, is the start of a process that carries us all the way.

Making change can be discouraging when we work on the external first.

Let’s choose to work on the internal first. Let’s decide the come into alignment first with the change we want to see in ourselves, then we take action.

When we do that, the action flows. It feels like less effort. It becomes more natural. And then the change we make is long lasting…


When we hold things inside, especially for a long period of time, and suppress our true feelings, we get wound up like a tight spring.

After a while, we get so used to being tense, on edge, and guarded.

Our bodies hold the tension, and to us it just feels normal. Until we start to do our work and we begin to unwind.

The unwinding process gets messy, awkward, and even painful, yet it is a necessary step to health and healing. We can’t skip that step, as much as we would like to.

Often times, the unwinding looks and feels like a falling apart. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as the repressed energy surfaces, it can be a bit scary for us and the people around us.

If we trust the process and stay with it, the other side of that disastrous-looking time emerges, and with it, peace and a new sense of self.

We can’t stop because we feel worse than before. We can’t shortchange ourselves. Life is calling us forth to heal, and if there wasn’t something better on the other side, we wouldn’t be going through the messy times.

Revel in the mess, for the other side is not just relief, but joy.