Seeing what we don’t want to see about ourselves is some of the hardest work we can do.

Self-examination, self-reflection, and self-analysis is key to truly knowing ourselves. It’s not easy. and it’s not for the timid. It is easy to fool ourselves and believe that we are better than we really are.

It takes true courage and true strength to be raw and vulnerable, especially to ourselves.

None of us want to admit to ourselves that our motives are not so pure, that our desires are more base than we thought. Yet without that inner inspection, without that courageous vision to see ourselves as we truly are and not as we want to be, we cannot change.

We get blindsided by our own faults, our own flaws when we refuse to see them. Others can trick us and get to us through those little hidden dark places we refuse to examine.

It’s not so much about fixing ourselves, although that will happen as well. It’s about shining the light so we can see ourselves more clearly, bring a higher awareness of ourselves, so we can then watch for those little traps that keep us from being true to our ideals and our real spiritual identity.


Listening to pain is one of the most informative things we can do.

We don’t like it, we don’t want it, and yet pain is one of our greatest allies. It lets us know that there is something that needs our attention, and it is time to take of it.

Pain is that big flashing neon billboard that calls us into action to make a change, to practice self-care, to pay attention.

Pain does not come to us merely for pain’s sake. It is here to deliver a message. It grabs our attention and smacks us around a little until we listen to the message. Not listening? Then it’s going to smack us around some more until we do.

The truth is, when pain comes around, it is usually because of something we know we should be taking care of, but aren’t.

Have we been exercising enough? Have we been paying attention to our diet enough? Is our physical/emotional/spiritual health where we want it to be?

The sooner we pay attention and take action, the sooner the pain goes away…


Seeing new possibilities is an art that is developed over time.

We like to think that we are open to new ideas, new places, new people, new ventures, when in fact we are normally creatures of restriction and limitation.

It takes time to focus on expanding our vision and seeing opportunity where before we saw obstacles. It is not natural in our society, so we must cultivate this skill until it does become second nature.

Seeing the new possibilities is like being a child again and having the imagination to see a whole world in just a pile of plastic blocks, or a dinosaur in a lump of play dough.

It takes playing and letting our minds wander though the endless labyrinths of fantasy and fiction, to create new connections and new appreciation for the empty spaces.

How much time do you allow yourself to play?


What does it mean to see yourself as a spiritual being?

It’s not about halos and harps, or wings and magic wands.

It’s about seeing yourself as something greater than just your physical, mental and emotional self.

It’s about being aware of the energetic side of life, the ebb and flow of our energy, the energetic implications of our thoughts, words, deeds and actions.

Mostly, when we recognize that we are more than just this physical body, we come to an understanding that how we feel about ourselves, how we treat ourselves, and how we talk to ourselves, is as important as what we do.

We learn to nurture ourselves, to support ourselves, to make a meaning of life that is loving and gentle to ourselves. Is that not the way you would treat an Angel?

When we recognize ourselves as spiritual beings, we see our limitless possibilities, our power, and our infinite capacity to love…


Chaos is all around us. It takes on many forms and many manifestations. Chaos is not the problem. Our response to chaos is.

Do we roll with it? Do we try to change it? Do we allow it to move us in new directions? Or do we just try to ignore it?

Many think that power comes from forcing chaos to conform to their will. This usually leads to some very unpleasant results.

Real power comes from knowing how to surf with chaos, riding the waves that take us to some unknown destination. Yes, it can be difficult to surrender to the power of chaos.

Yet when we do, we can allow life to propel us forward at amazing speeds, past untold challenges, to someplace unimagined.

Chaos brings change, and with it, exposure to the depths of our imagination. That is not something to force, but to revel in.


When deciding on the meaning of a given situation, we always make it about ourselves.

Whether other people are involved or not, our minds believe we are the center of the universe and everything revolves around us.

Even when someone gets upset at us for no reason, we think we did something wrong, that somehow they know how we cheated or lied, that we’ve been caught at something.

In fact, it was not about us but about them. They had a bad morning, someone stepped on their foot, they just found out they have a medical issue, or some other unfortunate news.

They were never really upset at us, they were upset at something else in their life. When this is not evident we automatically assume it’s all about us.

Making meaning from the event and experiences around us is what we do.

When we realize that the meaning we make often has nothing to do with the reality of the situation, we are free to change the meaning we make from one that disempowers us to one that empowers us.

When we watch our minds and access our meaning making internal devices, then we can create wonderful new interpretations that show us how the universe is conspiring to help us, support us and lift us up.

How does that sound as a way to make meaning from life?


When we hold things inside, especially for a long period of time, and suppress our true feelings, we get wound up like a tight spring.

After a while, we get so used to being tense, on edge, and guarded.

Our bodies hold the tension, and to us it just feels normal. Until we start to do our work and we begin to unwind.

The unwinding process gets messy, awkward, and even painful, yet it is a necessary step to health and healing. We can’t skip that step, as much as we would like to.

Often times, the unwinding looks and feels like a falling apart. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as the repressed energy surfaces, it can be a bit scary for us and the people around us.

If we trust the process and stay with it, the other side of that disastrous-looking time emerges, and with it, peace and a new sense of self.

We can’t stop because we feel worse than before. We can’t shortchange ourselves. Life is calling us forth to heal, and if there wasn’t something better on the other side, we wouldn’t be going through the messy times.

Revel in the mess, for the other side is not just relief, but joy.


You matter in the world.

It may not seem like it some of the time, yet you do.

You matter to your family, your friends, your acquaintances.

You matter to your business, your job, your industry.

You matter to your neighborhood, your town, your city, your state, your country.

You matter because it takes every drop to fill a bucket of water. You matter because your unique expression, your voice, your ideas, your presence enriches life itself.

There is no one quite like you. There is no one who can fully take your place.

There is no one who can be another you!

Share yourself. Speak up for yourself. Let us know you exist and you have something to say. Most of all, let us see your heart, your soul, and your spirit in your message.

Let it inspire us, move us and inform us in a way that no one else can.

You matter.


We often react to the actions and words of people around us as something to do with us.

We analyze, interpret, make judgments and choices based on what we think the person’s intentions are for us around those words or actions.

The truth we all know, yet often forget, is that what the other person says or does has little to do with us personally. It is almost always about what is going on inside of them.

Our ego has a hard time conceiving that the universe does not revolve around us, yet on a practical, day-to-day level, nothing is further from the truth.

In everyone’s own mind, the universe revolves around them, not us.

So that time that person shouted at you for being rude, it really wasn’t about you being rude. Or when that person in the car cut you off in traffic, it really wasn’t personal. Or perhaps someone yelled at you for no reason at all, that definitely was all about them, not about you.

The thing is, we all do that. That knowledge can help make us more patient, more understanding, and more tolerant of other people’s actions and words. Doesn’t it?


Being different from others is not always easy.

Thinking differently, acting differently, even speaking differently causes those who are not comfortable with themselves to experience something they are not used to.

We get picked on, made fun of, and even ostracized for just being who we are. It is easy to internalize those experiences and feel like there is something wrong with us.

To be strong means to be steadfast in our commitment to be true to ourselves, to being honest and open, even if those around us don’t understand.

It is important, very important.

For if we do not stand strong in our determination to be who we really are, regardless of whether is makes others uncomfortable or not, then we loose the chance to inspire others to be themselves.

We may not realize it, but their eyes are on us as well. If we allow ourselves to be true, then they know it is okay for them to be true as well.

Each person standing up and not allowing others to bully them is the strongest statement of support for all of us to be authentic!