Appreciation is one of the most powerful tools we have to make a change.

All too often we find ourselves wishing things weren’t as they are. We want the world to be different, the economy to be different, our partner to be different.

We blame our unhappiness on the situations around us, and make it someone or something else’s fault we’re stuck or in a bad way.

Actually, it is our resistance to the way things are that is causing us the most trouble. It is our insistent desire that things should just be different and the non-acceptance of how things are that cause us grief and pain.

What do we do to change it? Having appreciation for the world around us, for everything, for the people, for the economy, for life itself, is one of the surest ways to shift our energy, and thereby, shift our whole perspective.

Learning to see how we can be grateful for everything that surrounds us, is a discipline whose dividends pay off for years to come, as well changing our current state.

So let’s be grateful for the cloudy days, the holes in our socks, and the under-cooked meal. After all, what’s more important, the world around us or how we feel about it?


Awakening to our dreams and purpose can be both invigorating and scary.

We all desire to know what our true purpose is, what dreams we really want to fulfill in our lives, and what Life desires from us.

Yet once we know, it can be daunting and frightening.

We are not often prepared for what greatness Life sees within us that we don’t already recognize. We shy away from shining bigger, brighter and more full when we have been used to going at half power.

How do we step into our greatness, awaken to a fuller potential, and shine brighter when the very thought of it causes us to quake in our boots?

The key is to focus on the dream, on the passion, and on the feeling of what it will be like to fulfill these visions.

As we learn to allow ourselves to be pulled towards the higher path instead of pushing ourselves up the mountain, we find that life is willing to do much more of the work than we first thought.

Trust your visions, your dreams, and your purpose. They have been given to you to empower you.


Some things are just beyond our control.

Yes, we do create our reality, to a point.

Yes, we do have complete control over how we respond to the world around us.

Yet things happen in the world that ultimately are beyond our control to do anything about. That’s when we learn how to surrender.

Surrendering is not about giving up. It’s about understanding our place in the universe and seeing where we can do something that has an effect, and where we can’t.

That is the time we learn to develop trust or faith.

As humans, we cannot see the full implications to our own actions, let alone the actions of others or of nature. Our perception is limited, and we are not omniscient.

Learning to be okay with that helps to make our lives easier, and allows us to enjoy the ride. When we enjoy the ride, we show up from a more empowered place.


Expansion happens sometimes explosively, and sometimes slowly.

There are those moments when we are thrust into our expansion not by design or by choice, but by life itself.

We may not think we are ready. Life does.

We may not think we have everything figured out. Life does.

We may not know exactly what we’re supposed to do. Life does.

When we expand because we are answering life’s call, we do not need all the answers. We do not need much of anything, except to accept it, and step up.

Accepting that now is the time, just because Life says so, can be the most liberating attitude. If we allow Life to guide us, to trust Life, and to respect Life enough that we show up and play fully, then we can watch as miracles happen.

Is Life calling you to step up?


It is okay in the moment to feel stressed, overwhelmed, or beyond your capacity. We all do sometimes, and it normally comes when we are in the middle of a growth spurt.

Things happen, sometimes unexpectedly, that cause us to have to deal with situations we don’t normally have to deal with. Our abilities are put to the test, and our strengths and weaknesses rise to the surface.

It is at these times that we discover what we are truly capably of, as well what we are not. This is important, as the two are not normally exactly what we think we can and can’t do.

We are often surprised, one way or the other, at how we got through those tough times, what kind of support we needed and received, and what resources where there that we never recognized.

That’s a big part of growing. Seeing what we once couldn’t see about ourselves.

We don’t usually like those situations, we don’t go looking for them on purpose, and yet when they find us, we are made anew. So let’s not resist or shy away from these amazing opportunities. Let’s learn to embrace them and love them with the passion they deserve.


It is not uncommon for our childhood traumas to have a hold on us throughout our lives.

What most of us don’t realize is that we can transform, change and re-imagine those traumatic times as adults, and find ways to make those moments serve us instead of cripple us.

The important thing to remember is that when those memories were formed, we were but children, seeing the world as a child sees the world.

Since then, we have matured, gained experience and insight that allows us to see the world quite differently. The world we live in as adults is not the world we lived in as children.

So how do we change those memories? We don’t. We change our interpretation of those memories instead.

You see, it is not what we experienced so many years ago that makes such an impact on our lives today, but the meaning we make around it. It is the stories we’ve told ourselves since then about ourselves, about people, and about the world around us that still shapes our world today.

So let’s go back, visualize those experiences, feel what we felt and see what we saw then. Now, let’s look at the meaning we made from those experiences. What different meaning could we make from the experiences instead? What empowering, inspiring meaning can come from those exact same events?

Do they now show us how strong we are? How loved we are? How resilient we are? How much love we have in our hearts that those events did not turn us into a darker person?

When we remake the meaning behind those fundamental experiences we had as young children, we can remake our entire world.


Seeing what we don’t want to see about ourselves is some of the hardest work we can do.

Self-examination, self-reflection, and self-analysis is key to truly knowing ourselves. It’s not easy. and it’s not for the timid. It is easy to fool ourselves and believe that we are better than we really are.

It takes true courage and true strength to be raw and vulnerable, especially to ourselves.

None of us want to admit to ourselves that our motives are not so pure, that our desires are more base than we thought. Yet without that inner inspection, without that courageous vision to see ourselves as we truly are and not as we want to be, we cannot change.

We get blindsided by our own faults, our own flaws when we refuse to see them. Others can trick us and get to us through those little hidden dark places we refuse to examine.

It’s not so much about fixing ourselves, although that will happen as well. It’s about shining the light so we can see ourselves more clearly, bring a higher awareness of ourselves, so we can then watch for those little traps that keep us from being true to our ideals and our real spiritual identity.


Listening to pain is one of the most informative things we can do.

We don’t like it, we don’t want it, and yet pain is one of our greatest allies. It lets us know that there is something that needs our attention, and it is time to take of it.

Pain is that big flashing neon billboard that calls us into action to make a change, to practice self-care, to pay attention.

Pain does not come to us merely for pain’s sake. It is here to deliver a message. It grabs our attention and smacks us around a little until we listen to the message. Not listening? Then it’s going to smack us around some more until we do.

The truth is, when pain comes around, it is usually because of something we know we should be taking care of, but aren’t.

Have we been exercising enough? Have we been paying attention to our diet enough? Is our physical/emotional/spiritual health where we want it to be?

The sooner we pay attention and take action, the sooner the pain goes away…


Seeing new possibilities is an art that is developed over time.

We like to think that we are open to new ideas, new places, new people, new ventures, when in fact we are normally creatures of restriction and limitation.

It takes time to focus on expanding our vision and seeing opportunity where before we saw obstacles. It is not natural in our society, so we must cultivate this skill until it does become second nature.

Seeing the new possibilities is like being a child again and having the imagination to see a whole world in just a pile of plastic blocks, or a dinosaur in a lump of play dough.

It takes playing and letting our minds wander though the endless labyrinths of fantasy and fiction, to create new connections and new appreciation for the empty spaces.

How much time do you allow yourself to play?


What does it mean to see yourself as a spiritual being?

It’s not about halos and harps, or wings and magic wands.

It’s about seeing yourself as something greater than just your physical, mental and emotional self.

It’s about being aware of the energetic side of life, the ebb and flow of our energy, the energetic implications of our thoughts, words, deeds and actions.

Mostly, when we recognize that we are more than just this physical body, we come to an understanding that how we feel about ourselves, how we treat ourselves, and how we talk to ourselves, is as important as what we do.

We learn to nurture ourselves, to support ourselves, to make a meaning of life that is loving and gentle to ourselves. Is that not the way you would treat an Angel?

When we recognize ourselves as spiritual beings, we see our limitless possibilities, our power, and our infinite capacity to love…