Our Own Fear Causes Us To Hide Our Brilliant Light

There is this place inside of us where we hide.

We hide our own special form of crazy.

We hide our uniqueness and our innocence.

We hide the best part of ourselves.

We hide these things because we have been taught to.

We’ve been taught through our experience that it is not safe to be ourselves.

It’s not safe to show our true colors.

It’s not safe to admit to our friends or our partners how we really feel.

Our experience has shown us that others won’t accept us for being different.

The kids at school were merciless.

The neighborhood bullies made sure we would never be the same again.

Yet there comes a time in all of our lives where our soul drives us to break free.

Break free from that trauma.

Break free from that oppression.

To let our wings unfurl and attempt to fly once again.

It takes bravery.

It takes allowing ourselves to feel scared again.

It takes facing the fact that we might just be rejected again.

And yet we do it anyway.

We stand up and give ourselves permission to be who we really are.

To cast off the concern of what others may think.

To rid ourselves of the habit of pleasing others over ourselves.

And then we do it.

We speak our truth.

We express our individual nature.

We allow our light to shine as it was meant to.

And some will respond positively.

And some will not.

And that is life.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Being truthful is not about telling the truth to others.

Being truthful is not about not telling lies.

Being truthful is about being honest with yourself.

Before we can begin to be authentic in public, we first have to be in alignment within ourselves.

How can we speak truth to our tribe if we do not even know it ourselves?

Too often we find people who will say one thing in private, and another in public.

Regardless of the validity of the statements, if we are not sharing the same message, whether in private or public, we are not being truthful.

Does this mean we have to tell everyone everything? No, of course not. What it means is that we are clear in our intent and with our presence. It means we are being the same person with our families, our friends, our business associates, or our tribe.

Our essence is what matters. Our presence conveys our essence. Our words reflect our essence.

The more true to ourselves about ourselves we are, the more true we can be to other people.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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Responsibility is a word that gets a lot of use.

We are responsible to our shareholders, our customers, our family and our society.

We are responsible to provide value, to contribute, and to be productive.

We are also responsible to be honest, to have integrity, and to reflect.

Ultimately though, our greatest responsibility is to life. We are responsible to support life and be supported by life.

We are responsible to the planet, and all the various forms of life on the planet.

We are responsible to feed ourselves, not just our bodies, but our spirit, our soul, our essence.

We are also responsible for the energy we bring with us throughout the day.

Are we cheerful or depressed? Are we focused on solutions or problems? Are we supportive of those around us, or are we only concerned with ourselves?

There’s a lot of responsibility to go around, and it is not all ours. What is ours, however, is no one else’s.

Let’s be a little more responsible to life and a little less responsible for harming others.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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Integrity is not just about showing up.

Integrity is much more encompassing. It includes our words, our deeds, our actions, and our intentions.

First, we can build trust by showing up consistently.

Then, we can build trust by living up to our words. That’s when people look at our deeds and actions to see if they are in alignment with the things we say.

Sure, it is easy to find people who say one thing and do something else. Many of them get away with it for quite a long time.

Eventually though, the inconsistent nature of their actions is revealed and people stop believing them.

They may never say a word or give any feedback. The lack of integrity turns them away and they feel no compunction to let the person know.

Yet a beautiful thing happens when our words and actions are aligned on a consistent basis.

People start to trust us on a very deep level. That level of trust gives us real influence, and that influence must be treated as the most precious gift.

For it is. It is more precious than gold for that influence allows us to share our work and ourselves to an enthusiastic community.

That community is what will support us for the rest of our days.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant