With over 25 years of experience in industries ranging from Aerospace to Video, we’ve trained and inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals to lead happier and more successful lives. Supported by our intuitive no-nonsense approach, our clients confidently and consistently implement results-producing solutions.

Create the future of your dreams.  We help individuals to see the bigger picture, find strategies that work, and implement solutions that produce results.  Our intuitive and mindful approach works with the entire person, and their life as a whole, to uncover the patterns that are not working. We support our clients with a no nonsense approach that creates clarity & direction, and brings them the self-confidence to move forward.

“Sam isn’t afraid to kindly, directly look you in the eye and guide you with great tools to personal strength and clarity in whatever area you want.” Suzanne F., Jersey City, NJ

“The success I’ve had, both personal and professional, by working with Sam has propelled me forward… and touched my life on every level.” Betsy C., Brooklyn, NY