Building a bridge from where we are to our dreams can feel daunting and impossible at times.

Especially when the unexpected strikes, we have a hard time seeing how to move forward and get through our current challenges.

This is the time when trust and community are most important.

Trust, that for even though we can’t see how our vision can come into being, life has a way to allow it to happen. We need to keep our focus on the what, and allow the universe to show us the how.

Community, for it is in the most difficult times that the community around us wants to support us, help us, and be there for us.

Not that Community is there to do it for us, but to encourage us that even though we can’t see the bridge that will take us to our vision, it is there and it is just one step in front of us.

When it is darkest, when the clouds are so thick you can only see one step in front of you, that one step is all you need to take. One foot in front of the other, slowly, carefully, we move forward.

And when the clouds lift and the dawn comes, we find that not only have we been walking on the bridge the whole time, we are actually almost over to the other side!

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