Awakening to our dreams and purpose can be both invigorating and scary.

We all desire to know what our true purpose is, what dreams we really want to fulfill in our lives, and what Life desires from us.

Yet once we know, it can be daunting and frightening.

We are not often prepared for what greatness Life sees within us that we don’t already recognize. We shy away from shining bigger, brighter and more full when we have been used to going at half power.

How do we step into our greatness, awaken to a fuller potential, and shine brighter when the very thought of it causes us to quake in our boots?

The key is to focus on the dream, on the passion, and on the feeling of what it will be like to fulfill these visions.

As we learn to allow ourselves to be pulled towards the higher path instead of pushing ourselves up the mountain, we find that life is willing to do much more of the work than we first thought.

Trust your visions, your dreams, and your purpose. They have been given to you to empower you.

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