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Pain is a great communicator.

You cannot ignore it, nor can you avoid it.

We spend a great deal of time attempting to make it go away instead of listening to it.

Pain always has a message to it. It is here to inform us that something needs to change.

It does not matter whether it is physical pain or emotional pain, the message is the same.

Something is not working properly and we need to look at it. Something is stuck and we need to release it, Something is not aligned and we need to balance it.

So often we judge pain as bad and that makes it all the more painful. When we can release our judgement over pain and pay attention to it, we have taken the first step to releasing it.

Listening to it, really delving into it and being open to it’s message, is the surest way to get past it.

As long as we stuff it down, ignore it, and avoid it at all costs, it will persist. It will continue and we’ll miss a great opportunity to learn.

Where is your pain? What is it telling you? How can you be more open to it?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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In a world of distraction, being present to a given moment is a skill.

We get distracted by all kinds of devices, often engaging in conversations while working on some task.

We type, talk, and text all in one minute. While this may promote productivity, it decreases our ability to focus.

Parallel processing may be great for computers and other mechanical inventions. For consciousness, not so much.

To truly be present to the person we are with takes concentration and attention. If our thoughts and focus is scattered over six different activities, how can we concentrate?

Yet, when we show up and truly be with someone, magic can happen.

Suddenly you can feel how they are doing without asking a question. You notice things about the person you never noticed before. The connection that comes with presence is palpable.

Being present, even to just given task, is not a chore. It is a gift we give ourselves.

When we are present to the world around us, when we live life in the present moment without judgment or distraction, we experience something wondrous.

Have you taken the time to be present today?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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Seeing the lesson when things don’t go as expected is not usually easy for us.

We get caught up in what went wrong. We focus on how things didn’t turn out the way we wanted. We feel disappointment at the outcome.

If that is all we see, then we have missed a great opportunity.

When we can observe our reaction to the unexpected, we can learn a lot about ourselves.

When we see different options when the main one we were focused on is no longer viable, then we can be creative.

Often, when we are forced to decide on a different path, we find that it works out in ways we never imagined. Sometimes those new paths take us far beyond our imagination and our goals.

Learning to be flexible in our thinking helps us to adapt to any new situation. We normally fear the unknown because we don’t know how to deal with it.

When we liberate ourselves from that fear, and figure out how to thrive on the chaos that comes from the unexpected, then we can truly thrive.

Dancing with joy into the tumultuous waters of life is far more liberating that being a rock for the waves to crash against.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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As humans, we are social creatures.

Connection is what we thirst for. Connection is what we hunger for.

Yet connection is a tricky thing.

We connect with others based on a myriad of different criteria.

It may be based on looks, background, beliefs, or any number of subjective characteristics.

And then something interesting happens. As we learn more about others and take it to a deeper, more personal level, suddenly the connection we felt gets lost.

We learn that the first set of criteria for connection weren’t enough for us. We learn that although the person may look like a person we want to connect with, when we learn more about their beliefs or habits, we no longer feel the connection we first sought.

As the superficial gives way to the deeper, more intrinsic nature, we learn what things we really care about most in connecting with others.

This soul level or energetic level of connection feeds us far more than something that is only temporary.

We seek connection with those who inspire us, uplift us, believe in us when we don’t believe in ourselves.

Connecting with our true tribe, the tribe that is our family by conviction not blood, can be our truest place of belonging.

Keep in mind, they are not mutually exclusive. Sometimes they are the same tribe. Yet in modern times where we have the ability to connect to any group any where in the world, the choices are far more vast than they have ever been before.

Welcome to the Age of Connection!

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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Integrity is not just about showing up.

Integrity is much more encompassing. It includes our words, our deeds, our actions, and our intentions.

First, we can build trust by showing up consistently.

Then, we can build trust by living up to our words. That’s when people look at our deeds and actions to see if they are in alignment with the things we say.

Sure, it is easy to find people who say one thing and do something else. Many of them get away with it for quite a long time.

Eventually though, the inconsistent nature of their actions is revealed and people stop believing them.

They may never say a word or give any feedback. The lack of integrity turns them away and they feel no compunction to let the person know.

Yet a beautiful thing happens when our words and actions are aligned on a consistent basis.

People start to trust us on a very deep level. That level of trust gives us real influence, and that influence must be treated as the most precious gift.

For it is. It is more precious than gold for that influence allows us to share our work and ourselves to an enthusiastic community.

That community is what will support us for the rest of our days.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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We all need to call for help sometime.

Not because we aren’t capable or strong. Not because we are unable to deal with a situation.

We call for help because other people have a different experience from ours.

And with different experience comes different insight, different skills, different strengths and weaknesses.

That difference is what makes us human. That difference is what makes us unique.

Sometimes we don’t like the difference. Sometimes that difference is scary.

Yet, when we are in need of someone with that exactly difference, we crave it.

No one has what they need all the time throughout their entire life.

We need teachers, mentors, and guides to help us as we walk along our own path.

That doesn’t make our path any less unique or difficult.

Calling for help is a very human thing to do. When we call for help, we find that together, we can achieve more.

We always have a choice. We can choose to suffer in silence, or we can choose to ask for help and find the support we need.

That does not make us any less of a person. Indeed, it makes us all the more human.

Where do you need help?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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What does it really mean to do our work?

Not our jobs or our businesses, but the deep work that makes us grow and allows our soul to shine?

It’s not about what we tell others, or how we appear in public.

It’s about learning how to be more true to ourselves, and how we show up in the world.

Are we contributing or taking? Are we being truthful or hiding? Are we taking our internal struggles and putting them on others?

Or are we facing our deepest, darkest secrets and unraveling the trauma and the pain?

We often think that if we show our hurt and pain to others they will think less of us. In reality, we become easier to relate to and more human.

We all have experiences that cause us to feel doubt and shame. Being truthful about it, and really working on it, not only make sour lives better, it serves as an inspiration to others.

The world needs more people to step up, bare their soul, and show us how to heal.

The world needs more courageous spirits to lead the way into a brighter day.

So let’s stop hiding and start being the light that shines in a darkened room.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

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Asking for help is never an easy thing for us.

Especially from those closest to us, our friends, our family, and our community.

Yet those are the very people who would want to help us the most.

Our ego, our sense of self-sufficiency, our sense of independence, stops us from asking.

And that is a mistake. It is a mistake for many reasons.

First, we are not independent. We are inter-dependent. We cannot survive without each other, and we are not designed to.

Second, when we do not ask for help we are denying others the chance to give. If those closest to us knew how much we needed their help, they would open their arms and their hearts without a second thought. We would do the same.

Third, when we do not ask for help we are denying ourselves the opportunity for true self-care. Being supported by others around us is how we are born, and often, how we die. We all need to feel that support throughout our lives, just as we feel the need to support others.

It is not selfish and it is not a sign of weakness to need other’s support. It is a sign of being human, in a world of humans.

The more we allow ourselves to rely on others, and for others to rely on us, the more we foster community and appreciation.

It brings us all closer together, instead of separating us and tearing us apart.

Do you need help? Can you ask for help?

We are all here to help!

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant