Presence in our lives is more about the awareness of our inner state than the outer world.

We often think that being present is about how we are with other people. Are we paying attention? Are we really listening?

Actually, is being present more about paying attention to how we feel inside and are we listening to our heart?

It may seem counter-intuitive to do so, but the more we pay attention to what is going on inside of us, the more accurately we can gauge what is going on outside of us.

Our hearts, our bodies, and our spirits are more in tune with our environment than we imagine.

When we tap into them by being present to what is going on inside of us, we open ourselves to a whole new world of understanding, connection, and guidance.


Learning to surf the highs and lows of life is one of our greatest assets.

In the current times we live in, change literally happens on a daily basis. Emotional peaks and valleys accompany this pace of rapid change, and can create havoc in our lives if we let it.

Keeping ourselves in a state of peace, focusing on our practices, whether it is meditation, yoga, exercise or whatever we do to relieve stress and maintain calm, is more important now than ever.

Do you have a daily practice that you follow? If not, now may be the perfect time to start one.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be what everyone else is doing.

It just has to be something that you find fits your temperament and is one that you are motivated enough to do consistently.

We have no control over the events that happen around us. We only have control over how we respond to them. In order to respond in the best possible manner, maintaining our inner-calm is the best support we can have.

What’s your practice?


Many say that our past creates our future.

While this may be true in some cases, it is actually our unrecognized past that creates our future.

When we live without regard to the experiences that shape our lives, then we are not aware of the patterns that are formed and then played out in our daily life.

When we use our life as a means to identify what patterns drive us, then we can bring true consciousness to our past, present, and future.

We become present to the things that make us feel unsafe, angry, sad, depressed. We can also be more in tune with what supports us, builds us up, and makes us feel safe.

Awareness is the first step to living a more conscious life. Recognition of the source of our patterns is key to changing those patterns.

How do you recognize your patterns? How do you shift and change those ancient, instinctual devices that run our lives?


One of the hardest parts of being open is when those things that we want show up, but not in the way we expect.

We desire change for the better, and then we lose our job.

We desire change in our relationship, and then our partner decides to leave.

We desire new opportunity, and then our business tanks and we have to start over.

Being flexible and open means having to accept life as it comes to us. It may not look like what we expected, but if we stay with it without judgment, it is usually worth the ride.

How do we practice being open to things showing up in unexpected ways?

Just be grateful for everything life brings us! Gratitude is the surest way to be open to life.


Standing up for ourselves can be one of the most powerful lessons we can learn.

Yet, it is not really about how we respond to other people or what we say yes or no to.

It is not about facing down a bully or leaving an abuser.

It is about standing up for ourselves to ourselves, deep inside of us.

It is about being aware of where we are making our choices unconsciously, based on our programming, and not what we truly desire.

It is about saying yes or no from a place of inner-authority and inner-knowing, not from a place of reaction and defense.

When we stand up for ourselves internally, then we show up externally from a place of true sovereignty.


To be present when things are uncomfortable is one of the greatest challenges we have.

A lot has been spoken about being present in our every day life, and yes, that is important. What is a far greater gift in our life, even though it might be difficult, is being present when we are feeling pain, loss, or grief.

As a defense mechanism our brains automatically take us out of the present moment when we feel pain. Yet it is precisely those times when we need to present the most.

If something is hurting, if something is uncomfortable, if something is heart-breaking, there is a deep and profound lesson there. That lesson is a gem of great value. Only by being present to it do we gain something beyond measure.

Is it easy? No! Does it take practice? Yes! Is it worth it? Absolutely!


Working with groups of people can be a challenge at times. One disruptive person in your company, your business or your clientele can infest others and change the whole experience.

In those situations it is easy to blame the individual, to make them wrong, and to put all the responsibility for the situation in their corner.

The harder path is to look in the mirror.

How are you showing up in that situation? How are you enabling or allowing the unwanted behavior to flourish?

Have you spoken with the individual? Do you know why they are acting out the way they are? Do they feel safe enough to confide in you what is really going on in their life?

When we are hurt, feeling pain, and going through our own challenges, it is easy to ignore the fact that others might also have their own challenges.

Have you taken the time to find out?

Perhaps they are just a disruptive person and for the sake of the group you have to let them go. There may also be a way to resolve the difficulty by opening your own heart to them and finding out what’s really going on.


The desire to change ourselves is a seductive, sometimes addictive craving.

We get drawn to the endless quest to find every little thing that might be wrong with us, that might not be perfect, that might be improved.

What we often don’t realize is that while there is always potential to do better, when we focus too much on the things that are not the way we like them, we miss out on celebrating and enjoying how far we have come and the perfection that we are in the moment.

Always looking for something to fix within ourselves can be a distraction. It can keep us from starting something new, from doing what we love to do, from taking that one step forward.

Working on ourselves is a good thing, in balance. Working on ourselves until everything is perfect, is an illusion. It is an illusion because we are perfect.

Yes, we can be better, yet we are perfect just the way we are.


Do you believe? Do you have faith? Do you step into the unknown knowing that everything will be okay?

Belief is a funny thing. It brings us to new heights, but it absence brings us to the lowest of the lows.

Belief opens us up to new possibilities, new ideas, and even to what appears to be impossible.

Blind faith, however, can lead to disappointment and even ruin.

Ultimately all belief is really about believing in ourselves. Do we believe we can handle the unknown, the unexpected, the difficult?

Do we believe that life is conspiring for us instead of against us?

Do we believe that regardless of the circumstances, we will progress and grow and learn in spite of any obstacles or challenges that may come our way?

That is where the real magic lies. In our belief in our own abilities, our own character, and our own talents.

Do you believe?