The process of becoming a more conscious human being is a slow, purposeful path. It is not for the faint of heart, or for those who think of it as a hobby. It is much more consuming than any hobby.

The reason why it is such a deliberate choice is that when we make the conscious choice to work on ourselves, to delve into our depths, and really do the great work, it becomes something that spreads throughout our entire life.

You cannot just “be conscious” on weekends or at workshops, it is something we must embody every waking moment of every day. It is an identity, it is who you are. It is not a facade or a character you play.

That means it affects what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. It affects your relationships, your choices around food, lifestyle, and even friends. It becomes a guiding light that illuminates all aspects of your life.

Are you ready? Have you already made the choice? Have you started second guessing yourself about that choice? Are you joyfully dancing down that path or has it caused some disruption in your status quo?

Do not despair, no matter how hard a path it may seem. The light is not at the end of the tunnel, it is actually all around you!

No matter how much we love what we do to as a vocation or to earn a living, we all need to “get away from it all” once in awhile.

The brain needs variety and a break from the normal routine in order to re-charge and re-new.

What does it mean to you to take a break?

Is going away for a weekend enough for you to feel refreshed or do you hold out for those special two weeks off to go to some distant place?

Do you like to visit other cities or go to nature?

To you like to stay close to home or is a change of scenery a must?

Do you like to go to warm climates or does adventurous locales call to your soul?

Everyone is different, and no one form of break is right for everyone. The important thing is, no matter how long or short the break is, that you immerse yourself into something that is far outside of your everyday world.

Things get rearranged all the time.

Life moves not just our own paths, but everything around us as we hurdle through space in constant motion.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how well you deal with change?

Are you comfortable with set routines and having everything stay the same, or do you thrive on the unknown quality of change?

Do you like variety, newness and the unexpected, or does it annoy you, bother you, or even frighten you?

The world is changing at an ever increasing rate. How well do you do in a world of constant change?