Living in a chaotic world appears to be hard. So much happens around us that is seemingly beyond our control, that is out of alignment with our values, and that challenges our sense of right and wrong.

Perhaps we need to re-evaluate our subtle, underlying assumptions about the world to better navigate it. What is control? What are our values? Why do we judge things as right or wrong?

So, do we have control? Absolutely! We have complete control over our focus, our choices, and how we show up in the world. We have control over our imagination, and it is in our imagination that we create the world around us.

What do we value? What is most important to us? There can be many, many answers to that questions, but ultimately, when you strip away ALL of the non-essentials, there is only one answer. Life. Whether it is our own or the life of our loved ones, that is what we truly value.

Why do we judge? Or perhaps the real question is, do our judgments of right or wrong actually serve us? How often have we judged someone as good or bad, and have been wrong? How many convictions have been over-turned when new evidence comes out? How many times have we thought a situation in our own life has been awful or wonderful, only to reverse that opinion in the days, weeks, months or years to follow?

So in a chaotic world, can we imagine a world that is safer, better, nicer? Can we learn to remember that we value life above all else? Can we hold back on our judgments until we have a clearer perspective, if at all?

Maybe the world isn’t as chaotic as we thought…

Standing up for yourself does not mean you have to be nasty to people, to be rude, or to argue your point. It merely means following your own inner guidance, your own feelings.

Does this choice make me feel good? Lighter? More expansive? Or does it make me feel down? Heavier? More contractive? It really is not as hard as it seems to tune into our feelings around a decision.

The body has an amazing intelligence. It retains and processes information at amazing speeds, and when we trust it, when we tune into it, we can find all the answers we need.

Muscle testing is one way to tell how you truly feel about something if you are concerned that you can’t tune into your body so easily. But as you cultivate your own interaction with your body, you will learn to see the signs more clearly. Just put your hand over the center of your chest, close your eyes, and ask your question. Should I or shouldn’t I? See how it feels…

Just remember, standing up for yourself, for your needs, for your own self-care, does not inherently mean you are denying someone else what they truly want (although it may), it just means you are following your own guidance for the best outcome for all concerned.

We live in an amazing universe that holds mysteries and wonders to fill an eternity.

The more we learn about it, the more we realize how little we know. Every day there are new discoveries, new breakthroughs and new ideas being born that will affect us in ways we have yet to imagine.

How open are you to new ideas? Do you welcome them or shy away from them? Do you like the security of things staying the same or do you thrive on change and growth?

The world is changing before our eyes, and our ability to be flexible and adapt and grow is essential not just to our survival, but to our evolution. What evolution/revolutions do you see around you? Do you welcome them with open arms?

The transitions we experience going from season to season, are times to take stock of where we are in our lives, and reflect on where we want to go.

In the western world, we have a tendency to ignore nature, to treat every time of the year like every other time, and not work in harmony with the seasons. This often leads to more struggle, to swimming against the current, and using more energy to get to where we want to go unnecessarily.

If we can just take a moment to breath, to realize that we are a part of nature, and when we flow with it’s rhythm, our life takes less effort and we experience more flow.

What must we do to feel better about ourselves?

Do we have to earn more money? Have better relationships? Be in better physical shape? More mentally alert?

Why is so much of our self-esteem and self-worth tied up in external and transitory qualities?

Money comes and goes, as do relationships, health, and everything else.

What doesn’t disappear on us is our character, our integrity, our sense of service and desire to help. These qualities, while they do not have obvious external manifestations, are far more enduring, far more important, than the temporary qualities that society so often praises.

We often find that when we evaluate a situation, a condition or a person, we are judging whether that thing is good or bad. We size it up, weight the options, and immediate decide one way or another about it’s essence.

That sucks! What an awful thing to have happen to you! Wow, I’d hate to be in your shoes! 

We are so quick to judge that we miss out on the real opportunities that are around the corner, and forget that we cannot see the full picture from our limited perspective.

Next time something difficult comes your way, try this: welcome it with open arms, lovingly embrace it and hold space for it. You just might find that it’s not so awful after all, and in fact, it may be a great opportunity for you to grow and thrive, and learn something you might never have learned otherwise.

Holidays are wonderful reminders for us to connect with our tribe, our community, and our family. Sometimes, we’d rather not connect with family, rather with friends. So what do you do when all your friends are connecting with their own families?

This is a great time to be in service, to be in contribution to larger community around us. One of the most humbling and gratifying things we can participate in during the holiday season is volunteering to help those in need.

Not only does it help us to appreciate what we have that much more, but it opens our hearts to the less fortunate, who are then so grateful to us for helping them. Indeed, participating in these opportunities gives so much to the person helping, that it is often considered a blessing to be there.

So what can you do during this season to help others? How can you help the larger community around you by being in service and inspire others to do the same?

Let us know what you decide to do to show your gratitude to life itself!

People are funny. We love to complain about things we cannot do anything about.

Change the conversation!

Complaining helps no one and by giving in to this kind of talk, you not only bring your own energy down, you add to the depletion of energy of everyone you talk to.

However, if we use it as an opportunity to practice what we preach, we can change the conversation to something more uplifting and raise people’s energy!

Sometimes the circumstances seem not to support what we want to do.

The trick is to see the opportunity in the situation to have fun and make the most of it.

Life is like that. If we simply ask ourselves, How can I find a way to have fun with this? it is amazing how often we can actually find something!

Try it for yourself, consistently for a period of time, and see how you feel…

When we consider making changes in our lives, we often look at the reasons why not to change first, then look at the reason why we should change.

This resistance is both genetic and biological. It takes a lot to go against this programming, but when we do, when we make the effort to truly think and act differently, the rewards are tremendous!