Normally, towards the End of the calendar year, it is time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Why do we wait until this one period of year to do so? Would it not serve us to reflect upon each day, as we live it, and learn to be even more present to our life?

Are you present during the weekends, spending it with friends and relatives, or were you dreaming of getting home? By being more present to our lives, we can choose to savor and delight in all the little moments, little joys, and little memories as we form them. Savor the small things, and the large things will be truly delicious!

Will you take the time to reflect on all the thing you have to be thankful for in your life? Think of the people, the experiences, and the amazing gifts you have, name a few of each, and express your gratitude internally for each. You’d be amazed at how doing this on a regular basis can change your life!

Whenever we make a deal with someone, whether it is for us to buy something, sell something, or just agree upon working together in some way, there is a tacit assumption of trust in the relationship.

While we may have contracts, sales agreements, and all sorts of documentation to enforce a certain expected behavior, unless there is an intention to truly fulfill what you both agreed on, and trust that it will happen, nothing will move.

While contracts are helpful for taking someone to court, if the person was out to get you from the start, they most likely thought of a way to get out of whatever responsibility they may have agreed to.

So how do you do business at all? You have to know yourself, trust your judgement, and listen to that little voice inside that intuitively knows whether this is good for you or not. As you learn to trust your intuition, exercise it, rely on it, and recognize when it is real or just wishful thinking, it will be your best protection against making a bad deal, with anyone!

Time moves faster these days, or so it seems. Time actually doesn’t move, we do. It’s what we do with that time that makes it seem to move fast or slow. Who do you spend your time with? Do they make time fly for you or make it drag? How about you? When you are with others, do they say time flies when they are with you? Can you think of a better compliment?

Do you find yourself living from one event to the next? From one holiday to the next? When we measure our life by specific planned events, we lose sight of making the most of the individual days we spend doing what we normally do. It’s supposed to be a joyful journey, not a journey to be joyful. So let’s spend some time during the busiest parts of the year to just be joyful in the little things, and let the big things take care of themselves.

Connecting to nature is one of the most nourishing things we can do for those of us who live in big cities, often so cut off from trees, grass, meadows and mountains.

When we are surrounded with nature’s beauty, we tend to take it for granted, but when we are not in the middle of it on a day-to-day basis, it hold more for us than just a pretty view.

The health benefits of being in nature are huge. The psychological benefits are palatable. The spiritual benefits are immense. So why do we deny ourselves this wonderful experience?

More importantly, why is this not more a part of the conversation around living a healthy, balance life? Now that we have moved from a farm-based society to a city-centric society, it is more important than ever to give ourselves the gift of getting away from the TV, turning off our cell phones, and reconnect with the wonders of the natural world around us.

Guilt is a funny thing. Sometimes if helps us to do the right thing, sometimes it destroys us. Sometimes our motivations are not the simplest, purest things they could be, but does it matter if they help us get the job done? It has been said that doing the right thing for the wrong reason serves no one. How often have we done the “right” thing for the absolutely the “wrong” reason? Does it matter? Has it mattered to you in your life?

Are we more than the sum of our parts? Are we merely a collection of muscles and nerves, skin and bone, blood and hair? When does that collection stop being individual parts and start being a human? When we work together to do anything, be it to make something new or repeat what we’ve done before, are we a group of individuals or are we an individual group? And does it really matter or is what matters what it is we are trying to do?

Seth Godin calls the current economic climate the Connection Economy, one that is based on how we connect with others, our tribe, our followers, and the world at large.

When we create something new, he encourages us to think about how what we are doing is going to help people connect with each other. Whether it is a new website, a new social-benefit enterprise, or even a podcast, how does that vehicle enhance someone’s ability to connect – to you or to others.

As you venture out into the world of business networking, are you solely looking for people to listen to you, or are you seeking quality people to bring to together and support? Are you attempting to serve others or only yourself?

Now that the entire world is interconnected, your reputation will precede you, good or bad, accurate or not. So it is more important than ever to take our eyes off of ourselves, and put it on others. A following is not something to make us rich, it is a responsibility to lead, empower, and connect to.

Have you ever noticed that our fears tend to manifest so much faster and easier than our dreams and goals? Why is that? As has been stated many times, what we focus on expands, but why is it the things we supposedly don’t want tend to show up so much easier than the things we do want? Perhaps the answer is in the comfort we feel when something that we are used to happens, versus something unfamiliar. Isn’t it true that we often prefer the known unwanted thing over the unknown wanted thing in our lives? As we begin to become more comfortable with the unknown, unfamiliar, and uncommon, perhaps then we will break out of our usual patterns.