Is it possible to have Authority without Attitude? When you become an expert in something, does that mean you have to flaunt it and let everyone know? Humility is a great virtue to have, to help remind us that we do not know it all, and there is always more to learn, there is always someone out there somewhere who might just know a little bit more than you…

Building Community is something we don’t often think about, unless you are doing it consciously, but the reality is that we are all doing all the time.
Every time we share our dreams, our hopes, our fears, with another human being, we are engaging and enrolling others into our world. Every time we open our hearts, we are bringing people closer to us.
To build a business, a brand, a tribe, or a group of any kind, we are building community. Or rather, we are modeling community behavior to those around us as to inspire them to model community behavior as well.
The quickest way to build a community around you is to be authentic, share your heart and your fears, and ask for support and feedback. The quickest way to destroy a community is be inauthentic, self-centered, and cruel.
If you are a business owner or a practitioner of some kind, it does not take a huge community to support you and have a good life. A few dozen, a couple of hundred people that you are serving consistently may be all you need. Treating those people like they are your brothers and sisters (or better) will ensure that they stick around for the long haul.
So what are your dreams and fears? How can we support you in your quest to build a life of meaning and contribution

Culture and society are so tightly linked together. We often don’t realize the impact that one has on the other. Without supporting the high arts, we sacrifice some of our civility. Classical music, Impressionistic art or Ballet might not be your thing, but do you know how much of popular music and art are inspired by these higher art forms? Just because something doesn’t appeal to us, is that a reason not to have it at all? Stretch yourself, listen to something you wouldn’t normally listen to, go to a gallery or museum you’ve never been to. See what connections, inspirations or creative solutions present themselves to you in the days that follow…

Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward in the right direction. We often find that what we thought was the right path for us, is really only a detour, that takes us a little to the side, so when we return back to the path we want we have a different perspective. Have you changed your perspective lately? Have you taken a side-step, miss-step, or backward-step, only to gain something wonderful from the different view?

Leadership, as we all know, is something that is earned. We have a tendency to think that people are just natural born leaders, when in fact, leadership is a skill that we develop throughout our years.

In modern times, people become leaders by showing up, consistently and authentically, and providing insight and vision that appeals to a certain group of people.

The size of group doesn’t matter. Even if only one person follows your vision, your message, you have led.

As we do the challenging work of showing up, day after day, putting our art out there for all to see, blog post after blog post, video after video, radio show after radio show, not only do we gain momentum and courage, but the mental fortitude to continue our journey in spite of the lack of encouragement we might receive, or the limited success in making an impact.

That is, until the day comes when suddenly it feels like the dam burst, the phone starts ringing off the hook, your inbox is completely flooded, and life gives you a clear and power message that you do matter, you are making an impact, your voice is being heard.

Just don’t stop short of that moment. It is there, waiting for you to arrive.

Not only is it inevitable, but it is occurring at a faster and faster rate every day!

We were used to the seasons changing, now we have to get use to the weather patterns changing every day.

Climate change is upon us in a big way, and now it has gotten to a point where no one can deny it.

For whatever the causes of climate change, it is here and it will be with us for quite a while.